• Getting the Most from Digital Signs

    DS HeroIn the digital world the “one size fits all” concept is simply wrong. When you have a digital network, you simply don’t do a country-wide promotion like you might in a catalog (where all of the “best” items typically have the best placement because you know for sure they will sell well). What we found to be productive was to run specific local promotions with our first-tier items, mixed in with promotions for some of our lesser-selling items (which tended to have a lot of excess inventory). Even better was when we would change our promotions on specific days, weeks or months based on past data about the kinds of shoppers who would be in our stores at the time. For example, the people buying a high-end beauty product around the holidays may have been doing so for a gift, whereas those that bought the same product mid-year were more likely buying it for themselves.

    Another benefit of digital signage is the speed it brings to your internal workflow and distribution. When you only have traditional signage to promote your products, the workflow of that system is really slow. In your best scenario, your September catalog has to be at the printers by July to allow enough time to print and deliver it. This means your promotions for September have to be designed and defined somewhere around May. Where is the “opportunity” there? With a digital network you can build your promotions for September even one week or one day before the month starts. Imagine you have a beautiful raincoat in your September catalog, but this year turns out to be particularly warm and dry. Your printed catalog’s advertisement is worthless. With digital ads, on the other hand, you can continue to promote summer clothing until the first drop of rain appears (whenever that happens). Just like the guys in New York City that pop up out of nowhere with umbrellas when it starts to rain, digital signage has the ability to be on time with the right message when needed — and advertisers are willing to pay some premium for that advantage.

    Excerpted from an article on www.Wirespring.com

    To learn more about how digital signage can help your business or how Muzak can help you turn agility into one of your brand’s strengths visit www.muzak.com/enhanceyourbrand and sign up for our free upcoming webinar.

  • What Will You Say When Everyone’s Listening?

    voice mic smEver struck silent when you’re put in the spotlight?  The mic is on and suddenly,  “Aaaahhhhh . . . ummmmmm . . . hehehe.”

    Yeah, that never happens to us.  At least, not in the messaging world!  We always have something to say and THAT is good for your business!

    So, why don’t we help you start a conversation with your clients?  Send us a couple of your, “Huh, I didn’t know you did that!” products or services and we’ll whip up a sparkly new ad or two that reminds people to ask you about your personalized, light-up disco balls!

    You see, when you use your client’s time to let them know about your unique products and services, THEY will start conversations with YOU . . .  no “ums” about it!  This helps you build a relationship that will lead to referrals and valuable sales.

    Spotlight’s on you!  What would you like your customers to ask about today?

    Contributed by Brandy Hammond, Sr. Voice Architect

  • Commercial Television – Eliminating ‘Channel Waste’


    Dish Network’s recently released commercial television programming options make them the first pay-TV providers to eliminate offering unwanted or unwatched channels. These offerings are being seen as a first step to a more ‘a la carte’ model. Subscribers can choose from very small programming packages thus saving them money. They are simply no longer paying for channels that they would never watch.

    This is an exciting approach that will probably be emulated by other pay-TV providers. As a Dish Network retailer Muzak has been very pleased with having the ability to offer our clients and prospects the best value in the marketplace today. It has been especially effective in reducing costs in the Private sector, such as retail, financial and general offices. In these environments they typically only watch a handful of channels at most. So to be able to offer a client all of their local channels and a single inexpensive add-on package has been a very welcomed change.

    Contributed by Paul Bechtold, Partnership Manager

  • Set the Right Ambiance

    Ladies at LunchThe environment of your business is always changing.  Your music should reflect and even influence that ambiance.  It’s the difference between a casual lunch and a livelier happy hour.  Opening a new business account on Tuesdays and cashing that Friday paycheck.  The business traveler checking in for a conference and a young couple on a romantic getaway.  Adjust your music to set the mood for your customers in the appropriate context of your business.  They’ll take notice and connect with your brand on a deeper personal level.  And that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

    Contributed by Joe Hall, Muzak Product Line Manager

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