• The First Week of NOISE! 2011

    NOISE! 2011

    NOISE! 2011

    The first week of NOISE! proved to be a wonderful and enriching experience for this year’s students and for all who have had the opportunity to be involved in camp. As such, I’d like to share with you an excerpt from one of our camper’s blogs.  Brendan Carchidi writes about his visit to Muzak’s Home Office:

    “Once we arrived at Muzak, we were greeted by all of the great employees and a different office-building layout. The Muzak office is hard to describe, because it has such a modern interior to it. There are bright colored walls, odd towers that are conference rooms, and even a Muzak jumbotron. Easy to say it was really cool.”  He continues, “Out of the whole day, the nicest part was being able to see all of the Muzak employees, the people who really made NOISE! happen. Seeing the smiles, and the true hospitality, we felt more and more blessed to be a part of such an exclusive program. So thank you to all of the volunteers and employees who give their time to make our dreams come true – y’all are the true stars of the week, not us.”

    And there is so much more to come!

    Our gifted NOISE! musicians and singers will showcase their talents live from the Home Office for NOISE! Live on Tuesday, July 19th, beginning at 7PM EST.  The event will also be streamed at www.livestream.com/muzakheartsoul and open to anyone who wants to view it during or after the event.

    For more info on what’s happening during NOISE! including daily camper blogs and photos, please visit our Facebook page or follow the action on Twitter @muzakheartsoul using #noise11.


    Contributed by JK Dameron, Communications Director | Muzak Heart & Soul

  • Time to Make Some NOISE!

    Noise_Poster_genericOn Sunday, July 10th, sixteen musically gifted high school students from across the US pull into Charlotte for 10 days of music related experiences they will never, ever forget. NOISE! is a summer camp that takes music education to the next level by giving talented teens an innovative and unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience inside the music industry. Students will rub elbows and work directly with songwriters, arrangers, producers, sound engineers, studio musicians, audio architects, label execs, radio programmers, music celebs and educators. NOISE! is life altering for these teens, not to mention mind-bending and dream-inspiring!

    NOISE! has been on tour the last 10 years, previously held in NY, LA, Atlanta and Nashville. This year Muzak brings it home to the Charlotte area so their 500 Home Office employees can see and hear first hand the impact NOISE! camp has on the kids.

    On the last night of NOISE! camp, July 19, these musically gifted students will perform the annual talent show to hundreds, live in Muzak’s City Center. This highly anticipated showcase of talent, called NOISE! Live, will also be streamed live for all who won’t be able to attend the show in person.

    Check to see if one of this year’s NOISE! students might be from your town:

    Hannah Cook (Belleville, IL)
    Sierra Gant (Spring, TX)
    Maggie Thorn (Bloomingfield, MO)
    Jordy Searcy (Fairhope, AL)
    Joneka Percentie (Charlotte, NC)
    Drew McDaniel (Phoenix, AZ)
    Willie Griswold (Orlando, FL)
    John Hargett (Charlotte, NC)
    Sarah Kelli Fleming (Wilmington, NC)
    Andrew Stevenson (Doswell, VA)
    Filip Skrzesinski (Carpenterville, IL)
    Madison Early (Charlotte, NC)
    Julia Pettiecord (Yardley, PA)
    Brendan Carchidi (Holliston, MA)
    Leigh Vargo (Mentor, OH)
    Lee Landess (Charlotte, NC)

    All sixteen students have been granted scholarships to NOISE! 2011 by the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting music education.

    This year we are working hard to allow friends, family and supporters to be part of the action:

    Read daily blog posts and regular updates on the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation Facebook page, follow us on Twitter using #NOISE11 and watch NOISE! Live on the Foundation’s Livestream site: http://www.livestream.com/muzakheartsoul

  • RED Everywhere!

    HS AdminIf you just happen to visit Muzak’s Home Office in Fort Mill, SC, and that visit just happens to be on a Friday, you’ll see an ocean of RED.  Red T-shirts, golf shirts, hats and balloons everywhere!  It’s not a company promotion.  It’s not a birthday or an anniversary.  To most employees it’s something much more than that.

    The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation has been a part our company’s culture for over 13 years.  It’s all about giving back to the community, extending the power of music to the lives of today’s youth.  Through music education, a child can better achieve his/her full potential and stimulate personal and educational growth.  One heart-felt program of the Foundation is Music Matters, a grant program focusing on grade K-12 music education programs serving the underprivileged.

    So why the RED on Fridays?  It’s simple.  Our Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation color is red and our staff wanted a day to commemorate the educational programs we have and will support through Music Matters.  Inspired by a group of passionate employees, it’s called Music Matters Fridays.  Building each Friday for weeks, we don’t expect it to end anytime soon.  Hundreds of employees have now joined in, with RED literally seen everywhere.  With each Friday our employees seem to come up with new ways to bring to life the real impact of the Foundation by sharing stories, posting pictures and writing articles about the kids we’ve touched.

    Music Matters Fridays demonstrate the passion that runs deep in our company culture.  Muzak is a company with a commitment to give back by supporting our music community today and in the future.  RED symbolizes the passion of our employees in keeping the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation heart beating strong… for the sake of the kids.

    For more information about Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation go to: heart.muzak.com

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

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