• RED Everywhere!

    HS AdminIf you just happen to visit Muzak’s Home Office in Fort Mill, SC, and that visit just happens to be on a Friday, you’ll see an ocean of RED.  Red T-shirts, golf shirts, hats and balloons everywhere!  It’s not a company promotion.  It’s not a birthday or an anniversary.  To most employees it’s something much more than that.

    The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation has been a part our company’s culture for over 13 years.  It’s all about giving back to the community, extending the power of music to the lives of today’s youth.  Through music education, a child can better achieve his/her full potential and stimulate personal and educational growth.  One heart-felt program of the Foundation is Music Matters, a grant program focusing on grade K-12 music education programs serving the underprivileged.

    So why the RED on Fridays?  It’s simple.  Our Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation color is red and our staff wanted a day to commemorate the educational programs we have and will support through Music Matters.  Inspired by a group of passionate employees, it’s called Music Matters Fridays.  Building each Friday for weeks, we don’t expect it to end anytime soon.  Hundreds of employees have now joined in, with RED literally seen everywhere.  With each Friday our employees seem to come up with new ways to bring to life the real impact of the Foundation by sharing stories, posting pictures and writing articles about the kids we’ve touched.

    Music Matters Fridays demonstrate the passion that runs deep in our company culture.  Muzak is a company with a commitment to give back by supporting our music community today and in the future.  RED symbolizes the passion of our employees in keeping the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation heart beating strong… for the sake of the kids.

    For more information about Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation go to: heart.muzak.com

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

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