• Glimpse into Our Future

    Video Wall Reveal

    Video Wall Reveal

    At 11:25AM on Thursday June 9th, Muzak’s Home Office in Fort Mill revealed a glimpse into their future.  Ever since the company’s purchase by Mood Media in early May, the new Mood Media/Muzak team has been hard at work integrating the best of both worlds. The digital signage opportunities within the industry were a top focus.  Experiencing significant success with visual media in over 25 countries across Europe and Asia, Mood Media representatives from France, London, Ireland and Belgium came to Muzak for 3 days to share their secret digital signage sauce.

    Then came the moment… Gathering all 500 employees into what Muzak calls their City Center, Mood Media unveiled a huge new video wall, as hundreds more from across the world looked on via the company’s private network.   A magnificent video played, showcasing the power of video for business and the expertise of Mood Media’s London content team.  Three minutes of hair-raising visuals and audio brought the house down.  The cheers reverberated throughout the building as employees realized they had just experienced their future.

    But seeing is believing.  To see and hear what over 1000 Mood Media/Muzak employees experienced that day just watch.

  • Jewel’s “The Merry Goes ‘Round” Release Date Set

    Jewel's Lullaby

    Jewel's Lullaby

    Mood Entertainment announced this week that it will release Jewel’s newest album, “The Merry Goes ‘Round” on August 16, as part of the Fisher-Price Music Series.  This is Jewel’s second children’s album and will be released within months of the birth of her first child, a son.  “Lullaby,” the first album included the single, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which reached #1 on the Top Children’s Songs chart.

    In her blog, she says of the new release, “I want the album to be fun for kids and adults, whether they have kids or not. I looked at it as a chance to write songs for my baby boy, that he can dance around to when he arrives.”

    Her sweet voice is perfect for children’s songs and still deep enough to appeal to the adults.  The new album includes more up-tempo songs than “Lullaby.”  With rockers playing and producing and styles like Dixieland and bossnova – there should definitely be a fun and unique sound that you won’t want to miss – children at hand or not.

  • What’s the Buzz?

    Logo Balloons City Center

    With the news last Friday of the completed acquisition of Muzak by Mood Media Corporation, does that mean the end to the 77-year-old company whose name has become a household word?  Should the employees of this so called elevator icon pack up their bags and call it quits?

    Well, if you were to walk into the headquarters of Muzak in Fort Mill, SC you’d think anything but that.  The place looks like a party Mecca.  Welcome banners, hundreds of balloons, festive music from every corner, inside and out, and smiles galore.  Hardly the look you’d expect from a company with a sold sign in the front lawn.

    So here’s the inside scoop.  We’ve been waiting for this event to take place for more years than I can count.  You see, we’ve been owned by financial institutions for over 35 years.  Mood Media is so much more than that.  Lorne Abony, Mood Media CEO and chairman states:  “We are delighted to complete this transformative acquisition, which enables us to become a truly global leader in this space.  We are excited and eager to begin realizing the significant growth opportunities and synergies in a combination that will benefit both our customers and our shareholders.”

    Lorne also announced that Muzak’s home office in Fort Mill will become the North American headquarters for Mood Media.  Management teams from Mood Media and Muzak are already in strategic sessions, exploring revolutionary ways to grow our collective business.

    The buzz at Muzak’s home office is palpable.   Our employees, affiliates, partners and clients are already feeling the vibrations.  The helium in the balloons might only last a few days, but the excitement generated by Mood Media’s acquisition of Muzak could last another 77 years.

    For more information on Mood Media Corporation visit www.moodmedia.com.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

  • The Deal Is Done!

    Contract Clip ArtMood Media’s acquisition of Muzak, whose suite of brand enhancing music, voice and digital offerings reach more than 100 million people every day, creates a global in-store media provider servicing over 470,000 commercial locations in over 39 countries.

    Read more

  • Quiet but Busy


    So you haven’t heard about the sale of Muzak to Mood Media for a while?  You aren’t the only one wondering.  Well, the process of getting this deal done is similar to closing a sale on your house… but this one is a whole lot more complex.  The Muzak and Mood Media parties involved in the sale might seem quiet, but they are very busy putting all the pieces together to what amounts to the biggest international event in the business music/media industry in over 75 years.

    The excitement in Muzak’s Home Office in Fort Mill is building every day.  As with any closing, it’s hard to predict when the sale will be final.  However, we can tell you that tentative plans for a closing announcement are being set for the next week or two.

    So stay tuned and we’ll let you know the second we get the scoop.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

  • The Numbers are Staggering

    Muzak Home Office

    As most of you have heard, Mood Media, a Canadian based, international business media company, is in the process of acquiring Muzak.  I took a little time this weekend to go over the numbers created by the combination of our two companies, and they are staggering.  Muzak already has the largest footprint in the US.  Now our combined presence internationally is amazing.

    Let’s explore some of those numbers (estimated):

    Muzak now Mood Media & Muzak after closing
    300,000 locations served 500,000 locations served
    7 country footprint 39 country footprint
    500 brands serviced 850 brands serviced
    $250 million in revenue $400 million in revenue
    $60 million in EBITDA $100 million in EBITDA
    2.9 million music tracks in library 4.5 million music tracks in library
    870,000 licensed music tracks 1.7 million licensed music tracks
    20,000 original recordings 30,000 original recordings

    The news marks a significant upcoming milestone in our 77 year history here at Muzak.  Our Fort Mill Home Office is buzzing because of the potential opportunities this brings to the company and its employees.  We still have a month or two before closing, but the excitement is real today.

    Click HERE to see Muzak’s official Press Release.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communication, Heart & Soul Foundation

  • Did You Hear the News?

    Image courtesy Brandon Schauf

    So what’s happening at Muzak you ask?  You’ve probably seen the headlines…

    March 24, 2010 (Charlotte, NC)—Muzak Holdings LLC (“Muzak”), a premier provider of music, messaging and video for business, today confirmed that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Mood Media Corporation (TSX:MM/ LSE AIM:MM), a leading in-store media specialist, for an enterprise value of up to approximately US$345 million.

    Yes, BIG news for Muzak and for our industry.  But what does it all mean?

    Since 1934, Muzak has been owned by a multitude of companies.   Initially the concept of Muzak was financed by the utility and telephone conglomerate, North American Company.  They had the music distribution vehicle (electric and phone lines), so it made sense.  In the late ‘30s Warner Brothers purchased Muzak because of their need for a movie soundtrack library.  William Benton, a marketing mega star, senator, founder of the Encyclopedia Britannica and visionary for Voice of America, owned Muzak from the early ‘40s thru 1957. He saw Muzak as a vehicle to offer communications solutions worldwide.  Muzak’s support of WWII both internationally and in the US delivered on Benton’s vision, as our growth continued.

    The Wrather Corp. purchased Muzak in 1957, followed by Teleprompter in 1972, then Westinghouse in the early ‘80s.

    Since the mid ‘80s, Muzak has been under the ownership of a series of financial institutions, including The Field Corporation, Centre Partners, ABRY Partners, and most recently Silver Point Capital.

    The pending acquisition of Muzak by Mood Media signals a huge change for us.  After 25 years of control by financial institutions, we will become part of a company that shares our passion to expand the business that we have loved for 77 years.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communication, Heart & Soul Foundation

    If you missed the Press Release it is available HERE on our website.

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