Your Favorite Live Music

One of my favorite quotes of all time came after several minutes of a friend talking about a fellow star’s boring live performances.  At the end came an emphatic, “And that’s why I don’t like [artist].” I find that few people’s favorite shows are performed by their favorite artist.  Personally, some of my favorite artists are now my favorites because of their shows.

I’m excited about a weekend this fall when I plan to see two of my favorite live artists – The Reverend Horton Heat (a psychobilly trio who put out more energy in one show than some powerplants) then a couple days later The David Crowder Band (a Christian group known for experimenting with their sounds and shows; I’ve seen a homemade robot drum for them, heard the whole band sing through T-Payne apps and watched half the band donate their shoes to someone in the crowd).  I liked both artists before I saw them, but now they are both on my top 10 list.

It’s hard to pick a single favorite show, but I have to go with The Police in Hershey, PA.  The band broke up when I was in 3rd grade, but I vowed to see them if the chance was ever presented.  When they announced their reunion tour a few years ago, 4 of us bought our tickets and tackled the 430 mile trip that was worth every inch.  Sting’s son and his band Fiction Plane opened for the show in Hershey Park Stadium.  The stage was set against the gorgeous background of the Hershey resort.  Both bands were on point, there was the perfect amount of stage theatrics to set off an amazing concert without overshadowing the playing that made The Police one of the best bands of all time.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about live music.  I asked some coworkers about their favorite shows.

Audio Architect Michelle Colyar-Cooper

That’s a tough question…my favorite concert ever would have to be the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Andrew Bird.  A couple of years ago we were on vacation in New Orleans and that meant we HAD to go to the Preservation Hall and experience the Band live and in their element.  We heard rumors that somebody was going to be making a surprise guest appearance at the show and the rumors were spot on.  Andrew Bird was in town recording and came out and performed with them.  The band all by themselves are an amazing bunch of musicians.  Their music was tight and they were soaring.  Then Andrew Bird came out and joined them, singing and playing some new songs, but mostly old standards reinvented.  The collaboration between them made for a truly unique and enthralling show.  The room was stiflingly hot, but nobody cared because the music was phenomenal.

Collections Specialist Les Libby

Barbara and I heard Trans-Siberian Orchestra a couple of years ago and just loved their sound. We heard they were coming to Charlotte last year for a Christmas show. We got great seats for the concert being it was the 1st time seeing the show; all I can say is WOW AWESOME and incredible show. The arms of the stage extent into the audience and if lucky enough where you sit the guitarist or violinist will be on top of you. The laser portion and backdrops also were incredible to see. One of the guitarist’s gave his guitar to a young fan; that surely made his day. The concert was worth every dollar. TSO is awesome and if you get a chance you need to go at least once.

So, what was your favorite concert, and was it by your favorite artist/band?

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  1. My favorite show is actually a tie between two artists. One was Songs of Water, which is an instrumental group whose music focuses on the use of the hammered dulcimer. There is just so much energy in their performance, it’s incredible. I honestly believed you haven’t enjoyed music until you’ve seen these guys. The other is John Mark McMillan, who I have seen a few times. He just brings so much passion to his music, and executes it flawlessly. I’ve never seen anyone pour more emotion into their music. These two artists are among my favorite, but sadly, I will never be able to see my true favorite, Led Zeppelin, live.

  2. Going to see Mott the Hoople in 1974 with a group of high school friends in NYC. We were all big fans of Ian Hunter and as young 16 year olds we all had our obligatory shades on even at night. I remember someone asking if we had heard of the opening act and everyone saying no never heard of them. Well the lights go down, someone steps to the mic and says Ladies and Gentleman…..Queen. A hour later we all new who Queen was, I remember we all looked at each other and it was like that was awesome. Of course we also got Mott the Hoople about twenty minutes later but I remember going out the next day to find Queen and Queen II. Reflecting back now I’m not sure we knew just how amazing it was seeing Queen on their first US tour but I remember when I heard of Freddie’s death it was the first memory I had and remember what a great concert it was. I’m still in awe of the sounds Brian May’s gets out of a guitar.

  3. Wow, what a spectacular surprise Randy! I’ve seen a couple of openers on their first tour that later exploded, but no Queen.

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