What Will You Say When Everyone’s Listening?

voice mic smEver struck silent when you’re put in the spotlight?  The mic is on and suddenly,  “Aaaahhhhh . . . ummmmmm . . . hehehe.”

Yeah, that never happens to us.  At least, not in the messaging world!  We always have something to say and THAT is good for your business!

So, why don’t we help you start a conversation with your clients?  Send us a couple of your, “Huh, I didn’t know you did that!” products or services and we’ll whip up a sparkly new ad or two that reminds people to ask you about your personalized, light-up disco balls!

You see, when you use your client’s time to let them know about your unique products and services, THEY will start conversations with YOU . . .  no “ums” about it!  This helps you build a relationship that will lead to referrals and valuable sales.

Spotlight’s on you!  What would you like your customers to ask about today?

Contributed by Brandy Hammond, Sr. Voice Architect

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