The Elves Are Busy

holiday imageSomething that I learned my very first year at Muzak is that the Christmas holiday season doesn’t just happen.  In fact for several years, beginning in about August my alert on my computer was changed to a snippet of “Making Christmas” from the soundtrack of “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Each year since, I have become more entwined in the season that often begins in early summer.  Here at Muzak the product, marketing, architecture, and delivery teams have been working together for months and are putting finishing touches on much of what our clients and prospects will see as they begin preparations for their biggest sales season of the year.  Our Audio Architects are building 24 different options for our clients who want to add a little festivity to their stores and offices.

According to Entertainment Media Research Ltd, “for 85% of people Christmas without Christmas music wouldn’t be as good” and “hearing Christmas songs they like when shopping gets them in a festive spirit and what ’s more nearly 1 in 4 reckon they’re more generous buying presents if Christmas music they like is being played.”  Considering retailers generally see 25-40% of their sales in November and December, Christmas music can make a pretty big difference, not to mention what digital signage and scent can do.

So while much of America get their kids back to school and look forward to football games and bonfires, we are putting the finishing touches on preparations to handle the rollout of our (and our client’s) busiest time of year.  And the question that always comes up – yes, I do still love Christmas music and the whole holiday season and look forward to it every year!

To find out more about what Muzak is offering for holiday this year, visit our holiday landing page.


National Retail Foundation

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