More Dorsey Studio Time

Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra came to Muzak’s AMP studio in Manhattan on November 11, 1935 to lay down several tracks for the one year old music broadcast company. A chum of Muzak executive producer Ben Selvin, Tommy Dorsey found himself recording for Ben often because of their friendship, and it was crazy to turn down a paying gig during The Depression.

If you’ve been following this blog you know that we’re having fun featuring several never before released tracks from our historic Muzak library. Today’s recording is of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with their arrangement of “Sing Before Breakfast,” featuring Cliff Weston on vocals.

Notice that, as with many of the songs recorded in the ‘30s, the vocals don’t get introduced until deep into the song.  Back in those days it was more important to feature the band than the singer.  Well, at least most band leaders felt that way.  Enjoy!

Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Muzak Archives Director

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  1. This song was introduced (by Buddy Ebsen, his sister Velma, and Eleanor Powell) in the 1935 MGM musical “Broadway Melody of 1936″. Years later, the studio’s cartoon musical director, Scott Bradley, often interpolated it into various MGM cartoons {in virtually any scene involving food and/or kitchens}, mostly in their Tom & Jerry series.

  2. Barry: Great information. I had no idea! How come you know so much about this song? Something tells me you’ve got more stories about the music of this time!! We’d love to hear more. Thanks, Bruce McKagan

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