Pride Matters

independence checkWith the economic challenges that face every company every day, it’s very difficult to commit the resources necessary to do anything that doesn’t impact the bottom line.   Unfortunately we’re all forced to make tough decisions about overhead and expenses.  Falling off most priority lists are sometimes the most important things, like building a company culture that promotes pride.

Muzak is no different.  After several years of trimming and cutting whenever and wherever possible, it was clear that we had begun to lose some of the cultural make-up of the company we loved.

In February of this year we made the decision to reignite our commitment to our Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation, the cornerstone of our company culture.  Since its inception in 1998, the foundation has supported music education for thousands of kids across America and beyond.  However, Heart & Soul took a major hit over the past few years because of the economy and other critical company needs.

Muzak’s re-commitment to the Heart & Soul Foundation has been a testament to the resolve of our people.  Within a few weeks over 50 volunteers jumped in to help and the numbers continue to build.  The rewards have clearly outweighed the sacrifices.  To know that a simple check for $2000 might have saved a high school music program, to realize that an employee’s gift of an unused piano would mean so much to a needy new music foundation, and to see the absolute ecstasy on the faces of 16 gifted teenagers as they experienced 10 packed days of music education and passion at a Heart & Soul camp called NOISE! These real events helped to remind us that pride comes when a company makes a difference… not just in business, but in the community.

Sure, these times remain challenging for every business, including Muzak.  All of us will continue to be forced to make extremely tough decisions.  But as you do, be sure to recognize, embrace and protect the true heart and soul of your company, whatever that might be.

Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications

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