Phil Collins Confirms His Retirement from Music Biz

Phil Collins

Phil Collins

For anyone who was a fan of Progressive Rock and loves early Genesis when Peter Gabriel was actually the singer, you always remembered the funny bloke behind the drum kit who sang back up to Gabriel’s lead.  In 1975, when Phil Collins took over the lead singing duties after Peter Gabriel decided to go solo, the band sort of went in a different direction than the theatrics of Gabriel.  Phil Collins took Genesis to the next level with their music and live performances, which are now considered classics by those who saw them perform.  After noteworthy stints with Genesis as well as his solo efforts that produced his masterpiece “Face Value”, he confirmed today that he has decided to call it quits.  After seven Grammys and 13 hit singles as well as an Oscar from scoring the Disney animated film Tarzan he says, “I’m much happier just to write myself out of the script entirely.”

Collins, who now resides in Switzerland, has had problems with his back for a while and after the excess of Rock n Roll has some hearing loss as well as nerve damage in his fingers making him unable to hold onto a drumstick.  In a letter to his fans though, he says, “I am stopping so I can be a full time father to my two young sons on a daily basis.”

Being a fan of Prog Rock, especially Genesis’ “Abacab” release, I will have fond memories of him as the rock god that he was, and even that one time where he actually was a paid actor.  C’mon, you remember when he played Phil Mayhew, the British conman in the ‘80s camp show Miami Vice.  Here’s to a happy retirement Phil.

Read Phil Collins’ letter on his site.

Contributed by Alex Espinosa

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