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Over the last 6 months you’ve heard me wander in awe through Muzak’s first decade in business.  The ‘30s were full of genius, discovery, innovation, talent and music.  Initially, my plan was to write 10 blogs about each of Muzak’s first 3 decades.  But here I am 25 posts in and I haven’t left the 1930s yet.  I got hooked.  The deeper I dug, the more I found:  too many personalities, too many stories, too much music to stop.

But for the sake of sharing our full story, I’ve simply got to force myself to end my infatuation with Muzak’s earliest days and move now to the 1940s… the decade that turned Muzak into a household name.

I have to be honest.  My archive peers at Muzak have been anxious for me to crack the seal on the ‘40s because they feel that this was the most exciting decade in Muzak’s illustrious history.  They point to the introduction of franchises into business, our focus on research, marketing and communication, and our impact on WWII and industry as difference makers.  I can’t disagree.

A few of the same names from the ‘30s helped shape the ‘40s, most significantly executive producer, Ben Selvin.  But it was new owner, William Benton (1939-1957), who emerged as the visionary force who drove the future of Muzak for decades and decades to come.

So let’s say goodbye to the’30s for now (you know I won’t be able to stay away for long), and let’s venture into the 1940s, the decade that put Muzak on the map.  Do you think I’ll be able to keep it to 10 blogs?  We’ll see.  ‘Til Friday.

Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Muzak Archives Director

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