Muzak Idol is Coming!

Jagger at the 2010 Muzak Idol

Jagger at the 2010 Muzak Idol

Imagine it’s Friday afternoon at Muzak.  At exactly 1:55 an email notice goes out to the nearly 500 employees at our Home Office in Fort Mill.  The anticipation has been building for weeks as all the seats in City Center fill-up quickly, with standing room only.  It’s time for the 8th Annual Muzak Idol.  The place is packed as emcee Jagger begins the show at 2PM sharp with a surprise performance of his own.  The crowd loves it and the cheers egg him on for more.

Then the competition begins.  Six Muzak employees are gathered in the green room counting down the seconds ‘til their names are called.  Selected from a series of auditions, these finalists have been rehearsing for weeks, getting ready for their big moment.  The back-up band, called the m.playerz, and three judges, all music business vets, are in place, as contestant #1 enters to the applause of an exuberant audience of Muzakers.

Well, that’s how it will go this coming Friday, August 12th at Muzak’s Home Office.  Six contestants, all employees, will sing their hearts out at Muzak Idol.  What a way to spend a Friday afternoon.  A well deserved break from a very busy week; 45 minutes of music and entertainment, all put together by a team of employees called the Shakers.  Pure fun planned for the entire staff.  It’s become a tradition.

Just another day at Muzak…sorta!

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