Shocker: Your Messaging Campaign Isn’t About You!

voice mic smThink about your best cocktail party conversation ever.  I’m willing to bet it wasn’t the one where the object of your chatter dominated the air and talked all about how great they were!

When it comes to your messaging program, the cocktail convo concept is a first cousin.  So, the caller, the object of your airtime, doesn’t want to hear all about you!

So, if you’re a doctor, go ahead and tell us where you went to school, but make it relevant TO a patient.  Your caller wants to know that XYZ University specializes in training internists . . . unless, of course, you’re an orthopedist!

You could just skip the “me” talk altogether and use your expertise to give clients, patients and customers information they can use. Hand out tips like Halloween candies.  Play trivia games.  Give fashion advice.  Direct traffic to your website for money-saving coupons.  Make your callers’ time on hold of value by passing out useful information.

Whatever course you take, keep it customer-centric.  Tell the world how your business can make THEIR lives better, how your services can enhance THEIR lifestyle, how you have something to offer THEM.

After all, as disheartening as the news is, it’s NOT all about you.  Sadly, it’s not all about me, either!  It’s about the client.  Now what else can we do to make the “their-ness” of it all more enjoyable?

If you would like more information about on-hold messaging visit our Voice page or tell us what we can help you with.

Contributed by Brandy Hammond, Voice Architect

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