Live in the Muzak Studios

Glen Gray Album

One of the most engaging facts about our Muzak archive recordings, especially from the ‘30s and ‘40s, is that they sound LIVE.  That’s because they practically were.  Executive producer Ben Selvin would book many artists and orchestras while they were on tour in New York.  They’d come into the Muzak studio and simply play their live sets.  In a matter of just a few hours these bands would knock out 12 to 15 songs, most in only one take.

When listening to a recently digitized session by Glen Gray and his Orchestra, recorded at Muzak’s Manhattan studio on February 5, 1936, it was as if I was listening to them playing live at the Casa Loma just down the street.  One of the musicians steps up to the mic as the band plays along.

So grab the closest seat to the stage you can find, order your favorite beverage and listen to a fun performance by Korry Scott on vocals with Glen Gray and his Orchestra.

Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Muzak Archives Director

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