Jimmy Dorsey Finds His Note at Muzak

Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Stage Report

Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Stage Report

The hundreds of bands and orchestras that graced Muzak’s studio through the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s were attracted to this Manhattan facility for three reasons.  First, because the sessions were produced by Ben Selvin, the industry’s top producer.  Second, it was a good pay check, and that came in very handy during The Depression and war years.  And third, because these musicians were given the freedom to do their thing!

A couple of musical buddies of Ben Selvin were brothers Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey.  Both brothers, whether in the same band or with their own orchestras, found themselves in the Muzak studio recording their favorite tunes dozens of times throughout the ‘30s.  One such session was held on September 23, 1935, with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra.  It was obvious that the band was in good form that day because of the spontaneity and fun captured in several of these recordings.  Most of the 15 tracks they laid down that autumn afternoon were in one take, which tells you the band was not only tight, but extremely loose at the same time.

When current day producer Joe Carter, who is knee deep in digitizing these Muzak archives, first heard this 1935 session he immediately emailed me an mp3 so I could hear for myself.  He knew we had something very special… and he was right!  The song is titled “I’ve Got a Note” by Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra.  What a great tune, full of great musicians havin’ a heap of fun.  Hear for yourself and enjoy!

Contributed by Bruce McKagan

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