I Know Her!

gas station

A post on Vox Daily reminded me of a vacation nine years ago. We were driving from Charlotte to the Florida Panhandle. It was late at night and we were in unfamiliar territory in rural Alabama. We pulled off for gas and caffeine to get us through the final leg of the trip. I was filling up the car when a voice came on overhead through the speakers, inviting us inside to purchase tasty snacks and refreshing beverages from the convenience store. The voice was unmistakably familiar…so familiar in fact, it was the last voice we had heard before we left Charlotte. It was our friend Becky Hoech, former Muzak voice talent, and dog sitter extraordinaire.  The last stop as we were leaving town was to drop our dogs off at Becky’s. I wanted to wave my hands and shout, “I know her! And she has my kids too!” What a reassuring feeling it was to hear Becky’s friendly, confident voice in that remote, alien place. I went inside, grabbed a little sustenance and thanked them for being a Muzak Voice client. Still today, I always listen to overhead messaging at convenience and retail stores for a familiar voice. When I hear one, it’s everything I can do not to turn to the people nearby, point up at the speakers and say, “I know that guy!”

Contributed by Adrianne “Ace” Pryor, Product Line Manager, Voice

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