Commercial Television – Eliminating ‘Channel Waste’


Dish Network’s recently released commercial television programming options make them the first pay-TV providers to eliminate offering unwanted or unwatched channels. These offerings are being seen as a first step to a more ‘a la carte’ model. Subscribers can choose from very small programming packages thus saving them money. They are simply no longer paying for channels that they would never watch.

This is an exciting approach that will probably be emulated by other pay-TV providers. As a Dish Network retailer Muzak has been very pleased with having the ability to offer our clients and prospects the best value in the marketplace today. It has been especially effective in reducing costs in the Private sector, such as retail, financial and general offices. In these environments they typically only watch a handful of channels at most. So to be able to offer a client all of their local channels and a single inexpensive add-on package has been a very welcomed change.

Contributed by Paul Bechtold, Partnership Manager

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  1. I only want to pay for 2 or 3 channels and I will not pay more than $10 a month. If not I can continue to go without. The internet is a mofo!

  2. I hear you and agree with the concept of all offerings being completely al a carte. The market is just not there yet, Dish has at least taken the first step. It is internet that is challenging the pay television space and will force greater choices in the future.

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