Carolina Sound Communications – Muzak Franchisee Speaks Out

Perry Family

Perry Family

There is a saying in Charleston, SC that once you have run your feet through the sand on our beaches, you will always return to Charleston.  Muzak is something like that.

Who knew 27 years ago, when our family decided to buy the Charleston and Myrtle Beach franchises, after being part of corporate Muzak for three years, that we would become an inter-generational business.  We were neither musicians, nor entrepreneurs, but both converged on an opportunity and we have never looked back.  Now Savannah is also part of our family.

The people were the first draw for us – not the corporate types, but the franchisees whom we met at the IPMA (Muzak independent affiliate association) meetings who intrigued us.  We had travelled and lived around the world and these folks were interesting.  They loved their business, they loved good food and wine, and they mostly liked each other.   There was a camaraderie… a gentleman-like way of working together that we had not seen in other businesses or groups.  And the music was their common theme.

What a privilege to sell something as glorious and emotional as music.  We could have been insurance salesmen or stock brokers.  We could have been “madmen” or any of a number of other product reps but we sell dreams.  We get to set the stage for the times of people’s lives…whether through the music or other branding media and there is something about that that gets in your blood.

And without planning, it seems to get into the blood of our progeny because many of us are happily surrounded by our families who are also involved in the business and in our communities.  Perhaps that is another hook for most of us; though we serve many national clients, we do it in a local fashion as we are part of the network of the communities in which we live and sell and service…

So the sand in our feet keeps us home and the people and music in our businesses keeps us coming back to Muzak.

Contributed by Evelyn Reis Perry, President, Carolina Sound Communications, Inc.

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  1. I had the wonderful privelege to work for Carolina Sound. CSC, Inc. is a wonderful company and the Perry’s are the best. They take great pride in their work and their customers. I wish them and the company continued success.

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