Björk Prepares to Stretch the Limits Again

bjorkbiophiliaBjörk has announced that her 7th album will be once again pushing the bounds – surprise.  The Biophilia album will include at least 10 iPad Apps and intertwines with the live show. It is based on the relationship of the sciences, including biology, astrology and sound physics.  Her website,, has been re-released based on the new album, and although it is interesting, it will not be completely updated until Biophilia is released, likely later this summer.  The site is best viewed in Google Chrome or Safari.  She will also perform tracks from the album at the Manchester International Festival between June 27th and July 16th.

Always one to step outside of what is expected; Björk is once again using the available technology to bring the experience of her music to a place that has not been tested yet.  One of the Apps reportedly is a game in which cells are attacked by a virus.  If you kill the virus, the music stops, and at some point the cells sing along to the chorus.

Two new instruments were created by organ builder Björgvin Tómasson for the album.  Although I personally am not one to sit and listen to Björk while hanging out, what she does with her albums can really be an interesting experience.  And whether they admit it or not, most people are impacted by musical experiences.

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