Backstage with Slash

Slash and Chris Williams

Slash and Chris Williams

Last Thursday night I joined several Muzakers as Slash hit Charlotte.  He rocked a packed Fillmore for more than 2 hours – showcasing several of his own releases and a few Velvet Revolver goodies, like “Slither”.  Then he brought the house down with several G&R classics – “Mr. Brownstone”, “Civil War”, “Night Train”, “My Michelle”, “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “Paradise City”.

The band sounded great and vocalist Miles Kennedy had no problem hitting the Axel Rose high notes.  Slash was amazing, as usual, delivering the right combo of technique, talent and pure presence . . . the best in the business in my book.  Add to that, Slash’s band was not only tight, but seemed to really enjoy playing together for their Charlotte fans.

I was able to get a few backstage passes after the show (my brother is Duff from G&R;  I’ve known Slash for many, many years).  So Josh Clewley, Jeff Dowd, Chris Williams and I joined Slash and his bandmates after the gig.  No more wild parties, all nighters or hot babes like the old days.  Now, it’s just a few guys hangin’ out, talkin’ music, family and friends.  Slash is one of the nicest guys in the business.

We were joined by Brad Whitford from Aerosmith, who resides in Lake Wylie and performed with Slash earlier that night, playing lead on the early rock classic “Walkin’ the Dog”.  We took some pictures, told some stories, had a few laughs, shared some hugs and wished each other well until the next time.

Right before we left, Slash asked Chris Williams (Muzak EVP of Media) what he did at Muzak.  Chris’ answer was direct, with a smile.  “I find ways to make you lots of money.”  Slash smiled right on back.

Contributed by Bruce McKagan

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  1. You can find more photos on the Muzak LLC Facebook page!

  2. Sure wish I could have been there to witness that (especially the backstage visit) Glad to hear a good time was had by all!

    “Walkin” the Dog” ? Is that the very same classic that Rufus Thomas released in the sixties?

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