• One Song, Two Videos?


    OK Go just released a second video for their single This Too Shall Pass off of Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky.

    While both video concepts are great, the amount of planning and choreography that went into this production is pretty amazing.

    Check it out below!

  • Ke$ha’s Awkward Stage


    We’ve all got a few pictures from junior high that we’d like to forget ever existed, right? Pimples, bad fashion and bad hair–at some point or another, we were all victims. (I had a mouth so jammed with metal braces that I couldn’t even really close it for the better part of three years.)

    With the last crop of female pop stars rising through the ranks of Disney, it can be easy to assume that Britney and Christina never suffered through an awkward stage, and instead were cute, manicured and well dressed at every age and stage of their lives.

    So I’d like to thank whoever just posted this video of Ke$ha Sebert performing a cover of Radiohead’s Karma Police in her junior high gymnasium for what looks like a talent show.

    The 13 year old Ke$ha looks adorably, perfectly 13. The shy and unsure brunette is a far cry from the image the performer conveys today.

    Check it out!

  • New Music: Banda de Turistas


    This young Argentinean band from Buenos Aires has been the rage in Latin America since their debut instrumental E.P. Coctel de Insantaneo.  With the 2008 release of Magico Corazon Radiofonico, they started to be compared to a Latin version of Brit Pop band “Pulp” and with their energetic and stylish live performances that level rose even higher.

    The talk of New York City at Last years’ Latin Alternative Music Conference, Banda de Turistas won the  “Discovery Artist 2009” award. This lead to a swift deal with Nacional Records who re-distributed their 2008 release after renaming it Magical Radiophonic Heart.

    Since then, they released last years’ El Retorno where it was produced at the famous Abbey Roads Studio in the UK.

    You can catch them live at this years’ SXSW festival in Austin on March 17th and 18th. They’re also planning a tour in the States as well as Latin America in the coming months.

    Contributed by Alex Espinosa

  • Pavement: Greatest Hits


    Matador is putting out a Pavement Greatest Hits album called “Quarantine The Past: The Best of Pavement”.

    Now this is rad and all, but the even BIGGER news is that Matador is going to re-release all the Pavement LP’s (5 in total, though I don’t know about Terror Twilight) in the lower priced format! This means folks (like me) won’t have to spend 50+ bucks on these albums (that I’ve wanted for years!)

    The albums are: Watery, Domestic, Slanted & Enchanted, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Wowee Zowee and Brighten the Corners.

    Contributed by Steven Pilker

  • Scotland’s New Indie Rockers

    Twilight Sad by Jack Waddington
    Scotland has been producing some of the most riveting musical exports for decades, but the current crop of indie artists and art rockers making their way stateside is undeniably worth noting. Here’s a look at a few noteworthy bands coming out of Scotland at the moment.
    Twilight Sad – More Joy Division inspired post-punk but with a twist.  Loud, noisy, and beautiful, plus all the dark imagery you’d expect from Ian Curtis’s bastard sons.


    We Were Promised Jetpacks –Silly name, big riffs. Think The Futureheads without the a capella worship.


    Frightened Rabbit – Stadium sized folk-rock sung with brutally honest lyrics and amazing back up harmonies.


    The Unwinding Hours – Former members of Aereogramme release their new album this month. Expect epic post-rock, delicate acoustic numbers and lush arrangements with flourishes of electronics.


    There Will Be Fireworks – The name evokes kinship to Explosions In The Sky and while not far off, TWBF actually has a singer who can come across as what is referred to as “twee”.


    Aloha Hawaii – The remainder of the Aereogramme tribe making clanking noises.  Sign me up.


    Broken Records – Pitchfork has written the band off as Scotland’s equivalent to the Arcade Fire.  Wrong. Although the similarities are obvious, Broken Record’s stacked instrumentation has more in common with traditional folk music from the area and claims a singer that is more Neil Diamond than David Byrne.


    DANANANANAYKROYD – Self described fight-poppers.


    Contributed by Mark Taylor

  • Nothing Automated About Florence + The Machine


    Florence + The Machine, a group from the UK, utilize a perpetually fresh series of collaborators, back up vocalists and an array of instruments and beats to make every song amazingly different.

    Welch’s songbird and bluesy vocals unify this unique concept. Lungs, the group’s first album, was promoted heavily in the UK, courtesy of a prime spot on the program BBC Presents. Johnny Borrell of Razorlight formerly played backing keyboard.

    The group has played a spate of music festivals, including Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds, and has also made rounds on the US late night circuit, performing on The Late Show With David Letterman and  Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    Last night, Florence + The Machine took home British Album of the Year at the 2010 BRIT Awards. They’re already back in the studio for their second album.

  • Your Personal Soundtrack

    stand-bw2It’s no secret that music can be powerful. The right song can change your mood, get your toes tapping or bring you back to a distant memory. But why? While any given song can be classified by genre, tempo or popularity on the charts, there hasn’t been a way to examine how a track has influenced or impacted individual fans on a personal level. That is, until now.

    My Audio Bio is a great new website developed by Dan Morris, where anyone can create a profile and start writing. Users are encouraged to share stories about the music that has impacted their lives, and browse stories shared by others. The honesty and insights that each user shares allow fellow music fans to connect like never before.

    We recently caught up with Dan Morris to learn more about how My Audio Bio started and where he sees it heading in the future.

    Brittany: You’re a musician. What do play, and are you currently working with any groups?

    Dan: I played guitar in bands for years leading up to landing a record deal with the band Marathon (label Dualtone records) in  2001. I was  with the band for 2 years before leaving to start a career in marketing. I have since played in local bands and still do studio work occasionally.

    Brittany: Your readers contribute their personal stories every day. For you, which song or artist is most connected to one of your memories, and why?

    Dan: I would have to say Radiohead. My first concert was Radiohead in 1993 on the Pablo Honey tour. I saw them with 300 or so other people at the masquerade music park. In retrospect that turned out to be a great first show, but at the time it was my independence! My parents hadn’t let me go to concerts up until I was 15, so this was a big deal. The feeling of going out that night with my friends to see a band that “we discovered” was amazing. MAB Story: http://www.myaudiobio.com/stories/story/id/342

    Brittany: Is there any song that is so nails-on-a-chalkboard for you, that it would cause you to leave a store or restaurant?

    Dan: Oh man, have you heard the song Three Doors Down did for the Winter Olympics?!  I almost threw our TV out the window.

    Brittany: We heard you’re developing an App for the iPhone. When can we get it?

    Dan: We are submitting it in the next two weeks, so if all goes well we should be in the App Store by the end of the month.

    Brittany: In the future, do you see music artists interacting with fan groups on My Audio Bio?

    Dan: Absolutely! We feel that the site is not only about fans sharing their lives in music and reading artists stories, but also a place for the artist to see how they have impacted fans. I would love to have a section for the artist to post a song, have the fans 1st talk about what it means to them, then have the artist share the actual song meaning.

    So, fellow music fans… if you enjoy sharing your stories, or are just curious about how your favorite musicians have impacted the lives of others, head over to My Audio Bio for an honest, open and enlightening look at how music has impacted and shaped the lives of individual fans.

  • OK Go Marches Into a New Hit


    Fans of marching bands, covert operations, and just plain good music should all check out the new music video from OK Go.

    Their new single ‘This Too Shall Pass’ off the third full length album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky combines some rather wise advice with the fun and celebratory sounds of the Notre Dame marching band. The group is actually performing the song during the video, not just lip-syncing.

    As always, OK Go’s music and visuals are charming, funny, and unique.  And yes, it’s the best use of a marching band since Fleetwood Mac did Tusk oh those many years ago…

    Contributed by Michelle Colyar-Cooper

  • I Blame Coco


    And we’re not talking about the former host of the tonight show Coco.

    I Blame Coco, AKA Coco Sumner (yes, daughter of that Sumner) has a new single out featuring Robyn on vocals, and I’m a huge Robyn fan.

    Check out “Caesar” on her Myspace page. Coco has a great tone to her voice, it’s kinda punky, perhaps channeling Romeo Void on this track.

    Contributed by Paul Gould

  • Scion Rock Fest


    Do you like rock music?

    Do you like free music?

    If you answered yes to either of these questions, head over to the Scion Rock Festival on March 13th in Columbus, Ohio. Headlined by Cannibal Corps, the fest also includes acts like: Shrinebuilder, Voivod, Brutal Truth and Black Tusk.

    Rock on!

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