• Andy Zipf Performs New Release at Muzak

    Newest Album Jealous Hands

    Over the last 5 years singer/songwriter Andy Zipf has graced the halls of Muzak on several occasions with his heartfelt lyrics and melodies that just seem to transcend notes.  This week Andy made another highly anticipated appearance to personally introduce his latest release, ‘Jealous Hands.’  The August leg of his current tour brought him to Charlotte, so an afternoon visit to Muzak was a must.

    “Muzak has a great community of people who support the arts and the artists… plus their job helps people discover music.  How cool is that,” Andy comments. “Through the years I’ve been asked by Muzak to collaborate on several projects, thanks in large part to Shawn Moseley (Muzak’s Industry Relations Manager).  It started with a performance at Muzak’s Home Office back in 2006, then an appearance at SXSW, a track on a compilation disc, several Muzak client performances and now the opportunity to introduce my new album to their employees and Audio Architects.  Shawn and Muzak just seem to keep finding creative ways to showcase my music.”

    Andy’s new release, ‘Jealous Minds’ is the most soft-spoken release of the performing singer/songwriter’s career; an Americana record true and pure that stands free of the genre connotations that such a word brings. This is over a year of Zipf’s life captured, from the non-stop life on the road to what ends up coming home, “Jealous Hands” is his story and his soundtrack.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever done anything this personal before,” said Zipf, as ‘Jealous Hands’ is far more than just another record.  It’s an album of breaking safety. Where Zipf once interjected himself into songs at small moments as a visiting guest, he’s now made himself the main character, and his life the setting.

    Once again Muzak thanks Andy Zipf for sharing his music with us.  View the latest Muzak performance  live HERE on our YouTube Site.  For a free download of his new release ‘Jealous Hands’, simply go to www.andyzipf.com.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications

  • Best of the Best

    Mood Media HiresMood Media Corporation is in the midst of rallying all executives from its newly acquired entities, looking to leverage the best practices from each in strengthening and growing its international presence.  All divisions of the Mood Media family, including newly acquired Muzak, Mood Media North America (formerly Trusonic), Mood Entertainment (formerly Somerset) and Mood Media Europe have already begun to combine forces.   Executive teams have been appointed, assigned and are now head long into the process of evaluating, identifying, combining and delivering the best of the best.

    Teams are focused on several facets of the in-store business:  music programming and content licensing, customer and field service, content delivery, platform development and operational efficiencies.  Muzak execs, including President Steve Richards, COO Tom Gantert and EVP Chris Williams, are leading project teams that will drive these best practices throughout our combined Mood Media North American operations and, in many cases, across the entire international organization.

    Mood Media Corporation, the world’s largest in-store media specialist, reaching 150 million people every day in 470,000 locations across 40 countries, has set the stage.

    The challenge doesn’t faze Mood Media CEO Lorne Abony, who boldly intends to “grow the living daylights out of it.”

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications

  • Lorne Abony Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

    Lorne Abony

    Lorne Abony

    Ernst & Young  is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the “Big Four” accountancy firms, along with Deloitte, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  A global organization, in more than 140 countries, Forbes magazine ranked EY as the 9th largest private company in the United States in 2010.

    So when a company with the magnitude and pedigree of Ernst & Young nominated our own CEO, Lorne Abony, as Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, it was a huge honor to say the least.  The E&Y awards program is in its 18th year.  Winners are chosen based on their vision, leadership, financial success and social responsibility.

    “Businesses – and countries – don’t grow by standing still,” said Colleen McMorrow, National and Ontario Director of Entrepreneur of the Year. “Entrepreneurial thinking empowers companies to generate new jobs, open new doors and seize new opportunities.”

    “I am proud to be recognized for entrepreneurial achievement,” comments Lorne. “I am confident that more opportunities lie ahead for me, for our company, and for businesses across Canada.”

    Because of Mood Media’s growing global presence, strengthened by the recent purchase of Muzak, we’d say the opportunities look to now go well beyond the borders of our neighbors from the north.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications

  • Time to Make Some NOISE!

    Noise_Poster_genericOn Sunday, July 10th, sixteen musically gifted high school students from across the US pull into Charlotte for 10 days of music related experiences they will never, ever forget. NOISE! is a summer camp that takes music education to the next level by giving talented teens an innovative and unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience inside the music industry. Students will rub elbows and work directly with songwriters, arrangers, producers, sound engineers, studio musicians, audio architects, label execs, radio programmers, music celebs and educators. NOISE! is life altering for these teens, not to mention mind-bending and dream-inspiring!

    NOISE! has been on tour the last 10 years, previously held in NY, LA, Atlanta and Nashville. This year Muzak brings it home to the Charlotte area so their 500 Home Office employees can see and hear first hand the impact NOISE! camp has on the kids.

    On the last night of NOISE! camp, July 19, these musically gifted students will perform the annual talent show to hundreds, live in Muzak’s City Center. This highly anticipated showcase of talent, called NOISE! Live, will also be streamed live for all who won’t be able to attend the show in person.

    Check to see if one of this year’s NOISE! students might be from your town:

    Hannah Cook (Belleville, IL)
    Sierra Gant (Spring, TX)
    Maggie Thorn (Bloomingfield, MO)
    Jordy Searcy (Fairhope, AL)
    Joneka Percentie (Charlotte, NC)
    Drew McDaniel (Phoenix, AZ)
    Willie Griswold (Orlando, FL)
    John Hargett (Charlotte, NC)
    Sarah Kelli Fleming (Wilmington, NC)
    Andrew Stevenson (Doswell, VA)
    Filip Skrzesinski (Carpenterville, IL)
    Madison Early (Charlotte, NC)
    Julia Pettiecord (Yardley, PA)
    Brendan Carchidi (Holliston, MA)
    Leigh Vargo (Mentor, OH)
    Lee Landess (Charlotte, NC)

    All sixteen students have been granted scholarships to NOISE! 2011 by the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting music education.

    This year we are working hard to allow friends, family and supporters to be part of the action:

    Read daily blog posts and regular updates on the Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation Facebook page, follow us on Twitter using #NOISE11 and watch NOISE! Live on the Foundation’s Livestream site: http://www.livestream.com/muzakheartsoul

  • Touch: A Solutions-Driven Experience Design Firm


    By now you should already know that Muzak has moved out of the elevator and into the world of sensory branding.  What you might not know is that Touch, a Muzak company, is the vehicle that’s been delivering these strategic sensory solutions to our clients. Touch is neither a product nor a service.  It’s a concept.  But rather than me trying to craft my own words to describe Touch, let’s grab the official script as written by Touch founder and EVP, Bob Finigan:

    “Touch is a solutions-driven experience design firm that specializes in audio and sensory branding that activates a brand’s experience in-store, online, in advertising and through all consumer touch-points. Through the strategic application of custom music, voice, video and scent, Touch amplifies every experience consumers have with a brand – no matter where they encounter it.”

    This concept has now become a reality.  Just 18 months after its launch at Global Shop in 2010, Touch has really caught on with Muzak clients, including Sports Authority, Texas Roadhouse, Lowes Foods, Cost Plus World Market, The North Face, Luxxotica, The Wit, JoAnne Fabrics, Qdoba Mexican Grill, 4G Wireless, John Varvatos, Aéropostale, Logan’s Roadhouse, AT&T and many others.

    It’s easy to see why Touch has been identified as one of the primary growth vehicles for Muzak (a part of Mood Media Corporation) and Mood Media North America.

    To find out more about TOUCH, visit http://experienceTouch.com

  • News Flash



    OK, so the literal definition of a blog is “a web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.”  We know, however, that many of you are coming to the Muzak blog hoping to catch up on all the news following the recent purchase of Muzak by Mood Media.  For those looking for your daily dose of press releases and news articles about Muzak and Mood Media (and there are lots these days), we invite you to visit www.muzak.com (under About Us/Media Relations) where you’ll get all the latest news as it hits the wire.

    And remember that we’ll be right here with new and engaging commentary, observations and stories every day about our people, culture, music, history and future… You know, just what a blog is supposed to do.  Together with muzak.com you’ll get the complete Muzak story.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

  • Gucci & Mood Media Partnership Expands

    gucciDid you catch the news last week that Mood Media CEO Lorne Abony was the keynote speaker at the Luxury Summit in China?  Estimates suggest China will be the largest luxury retail market in the world within the next five to ten years with brands like Gucci, a Mood Media client, increasingly turning to in-store media and retail experience design as they build their brands in China.

    Mr. Abony’s keynote presentation comes as Mood Media is rapidly expanding its own presence in China. The company is committed to operating directly in China and taking a leadership role in the domestic industry. “No one is better than Mood Media at extending a retail brand with in-store media, which is why the world’s leading fashion brands choose to work with us,” said Mr. Abony. “Our partnership with Gucci is another example of our tremendous momentum in China.”   Go to www.muzak.com media relations to read the entire story.

    Gucci has also recently teamed up with The Recording Academy to help digitize the historic music archive of Muzak (a part of Mood Media Corporation). This team has begun to unearth some of the roots of jazz, from the likes of Fats Waller and the Dorsey Brothers. Thousands of Muzak master recordings dating back to 1934 haven’t been heard in over 50 years and have never been released to the public.

    “Music, much like film, is such a vibrant part of today’s culture and it also frequently provides inspiration for my work as a designer,” said Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director. “As a fashion house with a rich history built over nearly 90 years, Gucci is proud to be at the forefront of initiatives like this that support the preservation of the arts. It’s an honor to partner with The Recording Academy, which is not only considered to be one of the world’s leading music authorities, but also a guardian of some of the greatest musical milestones.”

    Working with such a distinguished partner as Gucci, who understands the significance of the Muzak archives, is extremely exciting.  This is another important building block in the Mood Media/Gucci business relationship.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

  • What’s the Buzz?

    Logo Balloons City Center

    With the news last Friday of the completed acquisition of Muzak by Mood Media Corporation, does that mean the end to the 77-year-old company whose name has become a household word?  Should the employees of this so called elevator icon pack up their bags and call it quits?

    Well, if you were to walk into the headquarters of Muzak in Fort Mill, SC you’d think anything but that.  The place looks like a party Mecca.  Welcome banners, hundreds of balloons, festive music from every corner, inside and out, and smiles galore.  Hardly the look you’d expect from a company with a sold sign in the front lawn.

    So here’s the inside scoop.  We’ve been waiting for this event to take place for more years than I can count.  You see, we’ve been owned by financial institutions for over 35 years.  Mood Media is so much more than that.  Lorne Abony, Mood Media CEO and chairman states:  “We are delighted to complete this transformative acquisition, which enables us to become a truly global leader in this space.  We are excited and eager to begin realizing the significant growth opportunities and synergies in a combination that will benefit both our customers and our shareholders.”

    Lorne also announced that Muzak’s home office in Fort Mill will become the North American headquarters for Mood Media.  Management teams from Mood Media and Muzak are already in strategic sessions, exploring revolutionary ways to grow our collective business.

    The buzz at Muzak’s home office is palpable.   Our employees, affiliates, partners and clients are already feeling the vibrations.  The helium in the balloons might only last a few days, but the excitement generated by Mood Media’s acquisition of Muzak could last another 77 years.

    For more information on Mood Media Corporation visit www.moodmedia.com.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

  • The Deal Is Done!

    Contract Clip ArtMood Media’s acquisition of Muzak, whose suite of brand enhancing music, voice and digital offerings reach more than 100 million people every day, creates a global in-store media provider servicing over 470,000 commercial locations in over 39 countries.

    Read more

  • Quiet but Busy


    So you haven’t heard about the sale of Muzak to Mood Media for a while?  You aren’t the only one wondering.  Well, the process of getting this deal done is similar to closing a sale on your house… but this one is a whole lot more complex.  The Muzak and Mood Media parties involved in the sale might seem quiet, but they are very busy putting all the pieces together to what amounts to the biggest international event in the business music/media industry in over 75 years.

    The excitement in Muzak’s Home Office in Fort Mill is building every day.  As with any closing, it’s hard to predict when the sale will be final.  However, we can tell you that tentative plans for a closing announcement are being set for the next week or two.

    So stay tuned and we’ll let you know the second we get the scoop.

    Contributed by Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Heart & Soul Foundation

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